Git instructions


The source code for Colored Trails (CT) is stored in a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git  revision control.  These instructions provide an introduction to accessing and working with the repository. We focus on command-line usage of Git as well as interfacing with common IDEs. A stable client for windows can be downloaded here:



read-only access:

  • none

read-write access:

  • registered membership of the coloredtrails-development group. Please send an email to the CT development group if you wish to join. 

Git instructions

*Instructions may vary between different clients but the principle remains.

Checking out the latest stable version from the Git repository

For anonymous, read-only access:

git -c diff.mnemonicprefix=false -c core.quotepath=false clone --recursive <destination_folder>

Another option is to use the clone/create repository button, and in the dialog enter the following line as the source path/URL:

You could edit the destination folder to choose where you want to put the CT files. Then simply press clone and the download should begin. 

For read/write access:

Once you've made local changes to your code and wish to commit them, you'll be required to provide a username and password, If your'e using a software once you've committed changes and would like to push them to the repository you an authentication dialog box would appear where you will be able to enter your username and password. 

Working with Colored Trails branches  (advanced)

The head branch of the Git repository contains the stable version of CT. In addition, CT has several experiment-specific versions residing in branches. In general, these branches should only be used by the CT development group. Please email the CT development group if you would like additional information.