Configuring CamStudio to record sessions

  1. Download and install the newest version of the x264 codec (link to SourceForge page).
  2. Download and install the newest version of CamStudio(direct link to installer).
  3. Run CamStudio.
  4. Set Options > Do Not Record Audio
  5. Options > Video Options
    1. Choose the x264... codec from the dropdown list.
    2. Set the playback rate to 10 or 15 fps. You can ignore the other options.
    3. Click OK.
  6. Decide whether you will be recording the full screen or a specific region by marking the appropriate option in the Region menu.
  7. Click the red record button. If you chose to record a region, you will now drag out a rectangle to record.
  8. Minimize the x264vfw log console.
  9. You are now recording the screen. You can minimize CamStudio.
  10. Once the recording is completed, click the blue stop button in CamStudio, and choose a filename for the recording. CamStudio will save the AVI file and then open it for reviewing.